Limited Edition Set of Pogs, Signed

$8.00 - $12.00

Guinea Pig Parkour is back - in Pog form!

What better way to commemorate the '90s influence on Guinea Pig Parkour than with the most bomb fad of the '90s - Pogs!

Buy individually or together at a discount!

This is a high-quality reproduction of the types of Pogs made in the '90s, attached to a backing board. The individual Pogs can be popped out and used just like the good old days - or display them as an ode to that magical time. Each set is signed by me.

The proceeds of this listing will go directly to help fund the development of Guinea Pig Parkour. Every $10 in profit will allow me to dedicate one more hour of development time to the game that month. You can help me get the game done sooner! Thanks for your support!

What are Pogs? Well, according to Wikipedia, Pogs is a game, otherwise known as Milk Caps, where "players make a stack of these caps, and take turns to drop a heavier 'slammer' object onto it, causing the caps to be disrupted. Each player keeps any face-up caps and is to restack the face-down caps, repeating the process until none land face-down, at which point the player who collected the most caps wins the game of Milk Caps."